There is not much you can do to reverse the damaging effects of water, chemicals and seasonal changes on your concrete other than doing a costly replacement. We at Concrete Hero are here to help you avoid this all together by offering our superior concrete clean and seal service. We start by removing the grime and dirt that has accumulated over the years on your concrete using our specialized orbiting pressure washer. After the concrete has dried for 24 hours, we return to apply our commercial grade penetrating sealer.

Beware Not All Sealers Are Made Equal.

Many of the sealers sold in home improvement stores are acrylic sealers that only form a film on the surface that wears off after a year or two. These sealers cost less but are Many of the sealers sold in home improvement stores are acrylic sealers that only form a film on the surface that wears off after a year or two. These sealers cost less, but are not as effective as penetrating sealers. Many times these sealers do nothing to protect your concrete from salt and other chemicals. Our professional-grade sealer penetrates deep into the pores of fresh concrete, which will provide maximum long-term protection.

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