Epoxy resin concrete is a new kind of concrete material. It has high strength, fast growth, strength, good toughness, short forming time and easy construction, etc. In addition, it also has good performance with abrasion resistance, water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and freeze resistance. Epoxy resin concrete is widely used in the practical engineering field. Epoxy rein concrete has high strength, good durability, fast growth, strength, good toughness, forming time is short, and the advantages of easy construction, etc. As a high performance material, it is applied in many fields such as machinery, construction, chemical industry etc. Although epoxy resin concrete has been widely used in civil engineering in recent years, most of them are used as patching materials, rather than being made into prefabricated components that can be used in engineering to improve structural performance. With the continuous improvement of domestic production technology and the rapid development of the construction industry, China has begun to study and explore more economical and environment-friendly materials with the advanced technology of foreign countries. Based on epoxy resin concrete component of truss structures, with its high strength, better seismic resistance than concrete structure, lower cost than steel structure, better plasticity, assembly and simple construction technology than wood structure, it has a very broad prospects for development and application space.

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